Stillwater Criminal Defense Attorney

Stillwater Criminal Defense Attorney

Stillwater criminal defense attorney Facing criminal charges in court can be a difficult process especially as one may be dealing with the consequences of being charged outside of court long before ever tried. Don’t face a prosecution alone. Stillwater criminal defense attorney Jason M. Lile can work with you to develop plans for action that will maximize the likelihood you could avoid prosecution, make bail more affordable, get charges reduced or even win acquittal at trial.

Mr. Lile helps clients who are facing criminal charges in Payne County courts, from pre-arrest investigation through post-conviction appeal. Aggressive and pro-active representation — rather than passive and reactive representation — can often lead to more favorable results. For example, a Stillwater criminal defense attorney can sometimes convince prosecutors to issue a summons rather than expose clients to the embarrassment and inconvenience of an arrest under some circumstances. At arraignment, an aggressive advocate can sometimes win reduced bond amounts or ask a court to grant personal-recognizance release without bond.

If you or someone in your family is charged with a crime, contact a Stillwater criminal defense attorney from Wirth Law Office in Stillwater today for a free consultation. Call today — (405) 673-1600 or toll free at (888) 947-8452.

Criminal Defense Attorney Who Stands Up for You

When the police and prosecutor have taken aim at you, selecting the right Stillwater lawyer can make an enormous difference for your future. Stillwater attorney Jason M. Lile is an Oklahoma lawyer who knows how to help clients through criminal matters. He gives his clients a clear explanation of the results they should expect and what strategies may work best.

Many attorneys talk a big game but fail to push hard enough to achieve the best results. A Stillwater criminal defense attorney from Wirth Law Office in Stillwater will follow through for you when you need a strong defense. Too many prosecutors in Payne County are likely to take the facts presented to them by the police for granted in a light unfavorable to the criminal defendant. Jason M. Lile is on the side of his clients and will advocate for them every step of the way before it ends up before a jury. A Stillwater criminal defense attorney seeking the best result for the criminal defendant from day one will always get the best results.

Too many Payne County lawyers treat all preliminary hearings as a minor formality. The best advocates know it can be an important opportunity to influence the course of the case and its prosecution. A Stillwater criminal defense attorney from Wirth Law Office in Stillwater will hold the police and prosecution accountable and ensure there is sufficient evidence before criminal charges move forward.

Consult a Stillwater Criminal Defense Attorney Today

As soon as you face a criminal charge, or even as soon as a criminal charge is anticipated, it is critical that you take swift action. You will want to act fast in general. But also deadlines start coming faster than you might expect. For example, when facing a DUI charge, defendants only have only fifteen days to apply for a provisional drivers license. Deadlines for appeal after a conviction come quickly too. Contact a Stillwater criminal defense attorney from Wirth Law Office in Payne County as soon as you face a criminal investigation or anticipate you may face charges.

Criminal defendants can only be harmed and not helped when they delay seeking help in a criminal matter. Timing matters. Work with a Stillwater criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Free Consultation

Stillwater criminal defense attorney Jason M. Lile will initially consult for free with criminal defendants and those facing criminal investigations to assess their case and assist them in deciding if he is the right Stillwater attorney for their case.

Free initial consultations are available whether your case involves a felony, misdemeanor, a traffic infraction or a post-conviction appeal. Call the Stillwater criminal defense attorney today. A Payne County defense attorney from Wirth Law in Stillwater can also help with expungements and pardon applications.

Call today for a free consult with a Stillwater, Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer — (405) 673-1600, call toll free at (888) 947-8452, or submit the question form at the top right of this page.

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