Stillwater Asset Forfeiture Attorney

Protect Your Rights

If the government attempts to seize your assets you need an attorney who knows how to protect your rights. A Stillwater asset forfeiture attorney can fight for you and your right to your own property. Don’t delay. Get legal help right away.

Asset forfeiture without having a criminal conviction is a process widely abused by law enforcement. Unrepresented individuals walk away from asset seizure situations after losing huge sums of money and valuable assets without fighting back too often. The law protects citizen’s property rights and you may need a Stillwater asset forfeiture attorney to help you assert those rights in civil court.

A “cash-for-freedom” deal is a situation in which law enforcement officers offer to let a criminal suspect go under the condition they give up their right to the money or property to the government. Too often these abusive deals are used to improperly seize assets even when there is not criminal conduct that would justify it.

For these reasons and more, you need a Stillwater asset forfeiture attorney to protect your rights when facing asset forfeiture.

Your Best Shot to Fight an Asset Forfeiture

Asset seizure beyond the scope of the a criminal proceeding is unlawful. If authorities are not pressed to handle asset seizure properly they can wait as long as a year before filing documents that would allow the owner to reclaim assets. Therefore, hiring an Stillwater asset forfeiture attorney from Wirth Law Office in Stillwater will help you have the best shot at reclaiming your property in civil court.

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