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Protecting a Parent’s Important Role

Many fear that a divorce could mean losing contact with kids in the marriage. This is the worst case scenario in a divorce and is not in the best interest of the children. Particularly at a time when spouses are at odds there is a danger that something can happen that will harm the kids. Divorce doesn’t have to have negative results like this under most circumstances. Don’t risk it. Seek out a Stillwater child custody attorney to help you preserve your parental rights and protect your child’s rights to a relationship with you.

You want to have the rights Stillwater attorney in Payne County court  to achieve a positive outcome for you and your children.

How Payne County Family Courts Handle Child Custody

Payne County family courts are guided by the principal of seeking out the outcome that is the children’s best interest. Judges here tend to favor joint legal custody under normal circumstances, though, sole legal custody may be awarded to one parent under some circumstances. The court will also determine physical custody and visitation schedules, including where the children will stay during the week and on weekends. There are numerous ways this can be divided among parents. A court will also determine related matters like holidays, vacations and the role of grandparents. A legal custody determination will resolve which parent has final say on medical, educational, religious decisions as well as direct the children’s development in other key matters.

Judges in Payne County will accept input from both parents through their counsel in order to determine these types of matters. Part of the job of a Stillwater divorce attorney is helping you tell your story and be understood. It can be a tricky matter to be understood clearly while managing all the legal requirements and challenges in family court. A Stillwater divorce and child custody attorney in Payne County from Wirth Law Office in Stillwater can help make the process as easy as possible for you during a challenging time.

Modification of Child Custody and Enforcement of Visitation

With changes in schedule and location that can come with new jobs, new school schedules, new activities for the kids, relocation, and other life changes, sometimes you may need custody and visitation orders to be modified by the court. Even by agreement of both parents when there is an order in place it is usually necessary to officially make the change to the order through the court. But parents are not always in agreement and sometimes it is necessary to get the court’s help in enforcing your rights already laid out in an order. In such cases, whether seeking a change among ex-spouses in agreement, in disagreement, or to enforce an order already part of the divorce case, you will want to connect with a local Stillwater child custody attorney to help you get things right.

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