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Establishing Paternity in Payne County

Paternity of the husband is presumed when a child is born to a married couple. There is no presumption to rely upon for a mother giving birth when unmarried. You may wish to establish paternity of a child for a number of different reasons. Under this circumstance it is best to seek help from a Stillwater paternity attorney in handling the legal process to get this done.

How is Paternity Legally Established?

Typically paternity can be established for legal purposes through an Acknowledgement of Paternity or a DNA paternity test.

An Acknowledgement of Paternity document can establish a father has the rights and obligations of paternity to a child if both parents are in agreement. Rights can include visitation or custody, and obligations can include child support and other financial support related to the child. Such a matter can typically be handled by a Stillwater paternity attorney in a routine fashion.

Men who are uncertain they are the father to a child should consult with a paternity attorney in Payne county before agreeing to an Acknowledgement of Paternity. Mothers who are uncertain they want a man to have the rights related paternity should also consult a paternity attorney before agreeing.

A DNA paternity test may be used to conclusively establish a father’s paternity in relation to a child in cases where paternity is disputed or the parties are uncertain about paternity. There are a number of ways this can be done. To ensure that it is done properly in a way that will be acceptable to a court for legal purposes you will want to consult with a Stillwater paternity lawyer from a reputable firm like Wirth Law Office in Stillwater.

When dealing with paternity issues you may seek help from Wirth Law Office in Stillwater ofrom a Payne County attoney with a free consult by calling: (405) 673-1600.

Free Consultation with a Stillwater Paternity Attorney

The Wirth Law Office – Stillwater can help you with your paternity matters. Consult with a Stillwater paternity attorney for free: (405) 673-1600.

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