Stillwater Estate Planning Attorney

Orderly Planning of Your Estate for Peace of Mind

Stillwater estate planning attorneyEstate planning is not just for the wealthy. Planning ahead for your family’s future and the disposition of your assets after your passing is the right approach for most any people in Payne County who anticipate their assets having value beyond their lifetime. Your impact on your family and your community will outlive you. Plan ahead to shape how that will play out.

An Oklahoma estate planning attorney can help assure that your loved ones get the full financial benefit of your life’s work, in keeping with your wishes. By taking the time now, you can save your family the time and frustration of have having to sort it out in probate. Our dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable team offers a full range of estate planning services for your financially diverse needs.

Stillwater Estate Planning Services

Wirth Law Office in Stillwater has estate planning attorneys who can assist you with a full range of matters, for example:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Wills and Codicils
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Gift Tax Planning
  • Probate
  • End of Life Planning

Estate Planning is Not a “Do It Yourself” Affair

You may be familiar with the DIY estate planning kits advertised on the internet. They are selling a way they claim can save you money. But with estate planning you won’t ever know in your lifetime whether you did it right on your own. Doing it yourself doesn’t account for the cost of your time either. The odds are stacked against you getting in right and your family and loved ones will be the ones who are harmed by mishandled estate planning that can have undesirable results, often litigation, and sometimes ruptures to personal relationships among those left behind. Rarely will a kit anticipate properly the particular laws of Oklahoma that will impact your estate. Turn to someone reliable who you can trust to get things right:  Consult with a Stillwater estate planning attorney from Wirth Law Office in Payne County.

Two Key Objectives in Estate Planning

Although estate planning is not a simple matter, we can make it easier for you to understand and help you direct the process to get to the results you want. We start by helping our clients organize their planning around two key objectives: (1) Minimizing taxation of estate assets; and (2) Avoiding probate.

First, we use our experience and expertise to help reduce or eliminate death taxes. Secondly, your Stillwater attorney can advise you about legal instruments and planning techniques that help avoid probate.

Meeting these objectives are among the first and best steps to ensuring you can have as many and as much of your assets handled the way you want as possible and helps avoid the costly, inefficient and often contentious results of probate proceedings.

Consult a Stillwater Estate Planning Attorney

Call us for a free initial consult with a Stillwater estate planning attorney at the Wirth Law Office – Stillwater. (405) 673-1600 or toll-free (888-947-8452). You may also submit a query through the “Ask an Attorney” form above.

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