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Life Changes, Child Support May Need To As Well

stillwater child support modifications attorneyNothing is as certain in life as change and family law is no exception — especially when it comes to child support. A parent’s financial circumstances may change, there may be changes to a non-custodial parent’s financial position and Oklahoma state law frequently changes. That’s why a knowledge Stillwater child support modifications attorney at Wirth Law Office – Stillwater with experience in Payne County family courts can provide you the confidence that your motion to modify support is both reasonable, defensible and in the best interest of your child.

Because life constantly changes and you want your child to always have the best opportunities possible, we put you and your child’s best interest at the center of every child support modifications case we handle.

The Courts Cutoff: 20 Percent

Under current Oklahoma state law, child support orders may be modified if a change in the financial income of one or both parents would result in at least a 20 percent change in a child support obligation under current child support guidelines. There are many other guidelines that a court consults before considering a change in your particular circumstance. That’s why you need a Stillwater child support modifications attorney who can explain the many ways recent changes in the law could effect your situation.

Types of Child Support Modifications

Here’s a brief look at the types of child support modifications we handle:

  • Significant change in parental income;
  • An order that does not contain an order for medical support;
  • State or Federal verified parental medical disability;
  • The court issued custodial change;
  • Change in daycare or medical insurance; and
  • The child is no longer entitled to child support;

As a Stillwater child support modifications attorney we can help with all aspects of your unique situation.

Free Consultation: Stillwater Child Support Modifications Attorney

Our Stillwater family lawyer can help with child support modification along with other important family law issues. For a no-obligation confidential consultation with a Stillwater child support modifications attorney, call Wirth Law Office – Stillwater attorney today — (405) 673-1600, call toll free at (888) 947-8452.

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