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Stillwater probate attorneyProbate Proceedings Are Always at Difficult Times

Probate of a deceased loved one can be a complex and exhausting process that always comes at the worst times.

Nobody can anticipate exactly how probate matters will unfold, but people who are wrapped up in the challenges of probate do not regret seeking expert help.

A Stillwater probate attorney from Wirth Law Office – Stillwater can guide you toward a better result and help you ensure the wishes of your loved ones are respected even after they pass on.

What is Probate?

When there is no will or means by which certain assets have been disposed of during the life of the decedent, assets may end up in a probate proceeding before they can be passed on to heirs.

In Oklahoma, certain estates with a total value that does not exceed a certain threshold called “small estates” need not be handled through a probate proceeding. Sometimes out-of-state assets may need to be handled in courts outside Oklahoma.

Proceedings generally take place in the district court for the county where the decedent last lived in Oklahoma. Probate is intended to protected the interests of all parties and prevent fraud.

How Long Does Probate Take in Payne County?

Probate is notoriously a long process in Oklahoma. No two cases are identical and you will want to consult a Stillwater probate attorney to assess precisely what it is going to take to complete a probate process related to your own deceased loved one.

It can take weeks to schedule a hearing to assign a personal representative, creditors may be allowed two months or more to weigh in, plus weeks for scheduling presentation to the court of accounting of the handling of estate funds.

Oklahoma and federal tax authorities may need months to audit the estate tax as well.

Typically, probate can take 6 to 12 months or longer.

Consult a Stillwater Probate Attorney

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