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The Clock Is Ticking on Your License After a DUI Arrest

Stillwater DUI attorneyYour first call after a DUI arrest or charge should be to a local, Payne County Stillwater DUI defense attorney. There is a limited amount of time during which you may seek to conditionally keep your driving rights pending resolution of your case. We help you manage the impact of these DUI charges on your ability to continue on with your life. A delay may result in losing your driving privileges and being unable to get to work and other places you need to go.

Stillwater DUI Defense Attorney Can Help

In Oklahoma, a driver’s license in suspended after: 1) a DUI arrest; 2) a BAC breathalyzer result exceeding the legal limit to drive; and 3) refusal to participate in a field breathalyzer test. The temporary suspension of this type may be modified to allow the accused driver to continue to drive on a limited basis with the help of a DUI defense attorney if it is handled within a fifteen (15) day deadline.

You should contact a Stillwater DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after your arrest if you wish to obtain an order for a modified suspension allowing you to keep driving to work, for example.  A Stillwater defense attorney can help you find the best approach to keep the privileges you need to carry on with your day-to-day life pending resolution of your case.

Heavy Consequences for DUI Convictions

Consequences from a DUI arrest and conviction in Oklahoma can impact many aspects of your life for many years to come. Even a first-time DUI conviction can result in up to one year in jail and a significant fine. If the DUI happened while a child under the age of eighteen (18) was a passenger in the vehicle then there can be a jail sentence up to four (4) years. Subsequent offenses result in progressively steeper consequences. Under Oklahoma state law, Payne County drivers convicted in a second DUI case may face up to four (4) years in jail as well as significant fines and court fees.

A DUI conviction can impact your employability and limit employment opportunities, and consequences of such a conviction are especially dire for holders of a CDL. Felony conviction may limit fundamental rights like the right to vote and gun ownership.

After a DUI arrest, do not delay in connecting with a DUI lawyer in Payne County. A Stillwater DUI defense attorney from Wirth Law Office in Stillwater can help you when facing consequences from a DUI arrest.

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