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Stillwater felony defense attorneyIn Oklahoma, criminal defendants face steep penalties for felony convictions from jail time, to fines, to limits on civil liberties such as the losing the right to vote or own a firearm. Certain convictions carry the requirement to register for various offender registries long after a criminal defendant has served a sentence and completed parole. Information about felony convictions can typically be accessed by the public. Thus, a conviction could impact job opportunities, reputation, and even access to housing options.

Never go it alone when faced with criminal charges that can result in the loss of freedoms and other serious consequences. Seek a Stillwater felony defense attorney to help you find the right strategy for the best possible outcome following a felony charge.

Police, law enforcement investigators and prosecutors hold all the cards when you are facing a criminal investigation without a criminal defense attorney. They can lie to you about the case against you, mislead you about your rights and otherwise unfairly exploit their positions of power. Don’t delay in lawyering up as soon as a criminal investigation has you in the crosshairs so you can have someone who there who can protect your rights. A Stillwater criminal attorney from Wirth Law Office in Stillwater can help you.

Felony Charges Faced by Payne County Defendants

In Oklahoma felony cases are not classified by tiers of seriousness. No distinction is made to indicate certain felony offenses are less serious than others. Under Oklahoma state law all felony charges are classified as serious offenses that can lead to serious consequences. A Stillwater felony defense attorney may be able to help you resolve these charges with a more favorable outcome than you might expect. Some of the Oklahoma felony charges the Stillwater criminal lawyers handle:

  • Violent offenses including: homicide, sexual assault, rape, battery, assault, domestic violence
  • Property offenses including: breaking and entering, larceny, theft
  • Vehicular offenses including: DUI, reckless driving, hit and run
  • Offenses committed with a dangerous weapon

Statutes of Limitation

Although there is no statute of limitations for a murder charge, most other felony charges have a statute of limitations ranging from three years to twelve years. For more info on whether you could still face future charges for a past matter you please contact a Stillwater criminal attorney at Wirth Law Office in Stillwater.

Stillwater Felony Defense Attorney Consult

Stillwater attorneys from the Wirth Law Office in Stillwater can help you when facing felony charges in Stillwater and Payne County. Your freedom and rights matter to us. We can help you protect your rights.

To consult with a Stillwater felony defense attorney please call us for a free initial consultation: (405) 673-1600. You can also use the form above on this page to send us an inquiry.

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